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Do you ever feel overwhelmed in the grocery store because of the multiple choices of floss? If so, our Comfort Dental Care team is more than happy to help you! Each product of floss can help you in different ways, and some may be better for your smile than others. So, to help you pick the best product possible, we have provided the following information:

· Wide floss: Wide floss, which is also known as dental tape, is a great product for those with bridgework. It’s also beneficial for those who have bigger spaces between their teeth.

· Waxed floss: Waxed floss is a beneficial product for those with tight-knit teeth. If your teeth are extremely close together, waxed floss can reach between them without breaking.

· Unwaxed floss: Unwaxed floss is a good option if you want to know when your teeth are clean. The unwaxed floss will squeak against your teeth to indicate that your chompers are free from plaque.

· Bonded, unwaxed floss: Bonded, unwaxed floss frays less easily than the unwaxed floss, but it does tend to tear more than waxed floss.

If you would like to learn more about floss, call 973-742-2610 today and talk to our caring dental team! We also encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jorge Bastidas if you’re interested in meeting with him and determining the best floss for your oral health.