Do you lack confidence in your smile? Do you wish to achieve a radiant smile without the use of expensive, invasive cosmetic procedures? Dr. Jorge Bastidas may recommend a Snap-On Smile® in Paterson, New Jersey! A Snap-On Smile is made of thin, hi-tech resin and snaps on over your natural teeth to give you a more beautiful smile. Snap-On Smile is natural looking and durable, and you can even eat and drink while wearing it. Snap-On Smiles are a great solution for:

  • Gaps or missing teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Stained teeth
  • Those who are not candidates for implants or bridges
  • Anyone who would like a radiant, beautiful smile without the expense and invasiveness of other complex dental treatments
  • Those who have removable partial dentures and want a beautiful, comfortable alternative

Getting a Snap-On Smile is easy and painless. It requires only two dentist visits with no drilling, no shots, and no tooth structure removal. When you come in for your first appointment, you will pick the shade and style of your smile. Our dentist will take an impression of your teeth so your Snap-On Smile can be constructed. Come back in about three weeks for your final fitting and wear your new smile home!
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