Dental X-rays help Dr. Jorge Bastidas detect tooth decay and signs of disease that are not visible with the naked eye. Our dentist will determine how often X-rays should be taken based on your age and oral health. A new X-ray technique called digital imaging allows our dentist to enhance images for better diagnosis. If you are a new patient, Dr. Jorge Bastidas may recommend digital radiography in Paterson, New Jersey. This will help him determine your current oral health.

Digital imaging has many advantages over traditional X-rays. Traditional X-rays used film that had to be developed in a dark room. Digital X-rays are available on a computer screen just seconds after being taken. Digital imaging also uses significantly less radiation than traditional X-rays. Digital X-rays can be enlarged and enhanced so our dentist can show you where and what the problem is. In addition, digital images can be sent electronically to another dentist or specialist if necessary. Computer software allows Dr. Jorge Bastidas to compare current and old images; using subtraction radiography, everything that is the same in the two images will be removed, leaving a clear image of only the different portion. This allows our dentist to see even the tiniest changes in your dental health.

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