The Trouble With Missing Teeth
Missing teeth truly are a problem for the people suffering from this condition. This problem is both cosmetic and functional. Cosmetically, missing teeth can be a blow to your self-confidence, making it difficult to share you smile. Functionally, missing teeth can make it more difficult to eat and speak, leaving gaps and possibly even shifting the alignment of your jaw.

Our Solutions
At Comfort Dental Care, we can help you with missing teeth. Our dentist can provide dental bridges and partial dentures for patients missing some of their teeth.

Dental Bridges
This restoration can be used to restore your smile if you are missing a single tooth or even multiple teeth in a row. It is made up of artificial teeth held in place by a pair of dental crowns. The crowns go over the teeth next to your missing gap and keep the bridge anchored so the restoration does not come loose or shift very easily. This treatment option usually takes about two visits in order to finish, but at the end you can have a beautiful, custom made restoration performing the following functions:

  • Restoration of normal speech, eating and chewing functions
  • Alleviation of excessive bite stress
  • Face shape and volume improved
  • Stabilize remaining teeth
  • Cosmetic improvement


Partial Dentures
This restoration can be custom fabricated to fit your smile. It is made up of the replacement for your missing teeth affixed to an acrylic base an held in place with clasps or a thin framework that attaches to your remaining teeth.

When you first receive this appliance, it will likely feel uncomfortable or awkward to wear. Keep wearing it. After a few weeks, your mouth will learn to accommodate your partial denture. If it continues to feel uncomfortable, come see our dentist. It is possible that your appliance needs adjustment.

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