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A pain in the temporomandibular joints, the hinges that connect the upper and lower jaw to the head, is described as TMJ disorder. The earliest symptoms will feel like a dull and persistent ache near your ears or temples. This could include pain while opening your mouth or chewing. TMJ disorder is normally due to an inflammation from habits such as jaw clenching or grinding your teeth at night. It can also develop from past dislocations, arthritis, or an injury to the ball and socket joint.

The treatment of TMJ disorder depends on finding out the source of the pain. We at Comfort Dental Care have a two-step system for treatment.

You will likely need softer foods and will need to apply heat treatment to the area to soothe and relax the muscle tension. If this is ineffective, more advanced options will be sought out by a physician.

If the TMJ disorder is related to teeth grinding at night, you will be given a custom mouth guard to wear while sleeping. The mouth guard is fit to slip so that it will reduce the damage to your teeth and also help to ease tension in the jaw. Often, this is coupled with rehab exercises to strengthen the jaw muscles. Medications to relax the muscles and fight off inflammation are also used at this time.

To schedule treatment for a TMJ disorder in Paterson, New Jersey, please call Comfort Dental Care at 973-742-2610. The earlier you see Dr. Jorge Bastidas the greater the chances you have of a successful treatment.