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If you are considering dentures as a solution to replace missing teeth, our team is happy to provide more information on how to care for them. Even though false teeth are not like your original tooth enamel, they still need to be cleaned every day to keep them in good shape. To learn how to care for dentures, we invite you to review the information we have provided below.

Cleaning your dentures every day can remove bacteria and food particles that accumulate on the appliance and where the dentures meet your soft tissues. Scrub gently with a denture brush or a soft-bristled toothbrush, and instead of using a regular and abrasive toothpaste, wash the appliance with hand or dish soap or even a special toothpaste for dentures. Hold the appliance over a sink full of water or over a towel so that the dentures can’t be broken if they are dropped.

If you need to remove your dentures at any time, soak them in a denture solution so that they remain moist and maintain their shape. Any damage to your dentures or changes to the shape of your mouth preventing the dentures from fitting well need to be addressed by our dentist instead of attempting to adjust the appliance yourself.

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