How Snap-On Smile® Can Give You The Smile Of Your Dreams

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Have you always wanted a beautiful, straight, white smile? Of course there are ways to change it through the application of dental veneers and implants, but those options can be invasive and expensive. However, you can still get the smile of your dreams today with Snap-On Smile®.

A Snap-On Smile® is a removable, restorative appliance made of a thin, strong resin. It is used to cover teeth which are stained, crooked, gapped, or chipped. Snap-On Smile® looks natural, can last for several years, and can be worn even when you eat and drink.

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. Snap-On Smile® is an excellent solution for those who cannot afford expensive cosmetic procedures, are not eligible for bridges or implants, or want changes to their teeth immediately. After your dentist sends an impression of your teeth to a dental lab, it only takes 2-3 weeks before you can snap on a new smile.

Snap-On Smile® not only improves your appearance, but it is stain-resistant and can last for several years. However, this is only the case if you take proper care of your Snap-On Smile® appliance. Clean it daily using the Snap-On Smile® cleaning solution and anti-bacterial gel. Also be sure to continue brushing and flossing your own teeth. When you receive and properly care for a Snap-On Smile®, you can smile with confidence wherever you go.