Can a Dental Bridge Rescue Your Smile?

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Can a dental bridge rescue your smile? If you’ve lost a tooth in an oral accident, tooth extraction, or in another unhappy circumstance, then yes it can. Dental bridges were created to fill the gaps left behind by a missing tooth. Dr. Jorge Bastidas at Comfort Dental Care and his expert team are highly skilled in all manner of tooth replacements and can install a dental bridge for you that is certain to make you smile.

With the accumulation of a dental bridge, both your smile and your overall appearance can improve. Tooth loss often generates a dent in your jawline, which can make you look sunken in and older. Dental bridges can remove years off of your face.

Chewing food with missing teeth can be a laborious task, particularly with tough and gritty sustenance. Filling the breach in your mouth with a dental bridge doesn’t just eliminate any food restrictions you may have; it also makes eating healthier and easier.

Dental bridges can massively advance your speech capabilities, conditional on the site of the bridge. Even some misalignment issues can be modified or diminished to avert further injury, drifting teeth, or other problems.

If you would like to schedule an oral exam with Dr. Jorge Bastidas, stop by our office in Paterson, New Jersey, or contact our team at 973-742-2610. Come in now and see what dental bridges can do for you!