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Losing a tooth can severely limit the function of your mouth. If the tooth is not replaced somehow, it can cause the surrounding teeth to twist and move toward the void.

Fortunately, your dentist, Dr. Jorge Bastidas, can help restore the tooth’s presence and function in your mouth by installing a dental implant.

A dental implant in Paterson, New Jersey, can be installed in a single outpatient treatment and it generally requires deep sedation. This means you will need to arrange to have a friend or family member drive you home after your appointment.

To install the titanium implant, a small incision will be made in your gums to gain direct access to your jawbone. A narrow channel will be made in the bone and a titanium abutment will be screwed into place. Titanium is known to be biologically safe and will eventually fuse to your bones to create a very strong anchor.

After your gums have healed and the titanium abutment has fully integrated into your jawbone, your Comfort Dental Care dentist can start the process of installing a standard dental crown.

If you are missing a tooth and you’re interested in having it restored with a dental implant in Paterson, New Jersey, we invite you to call Comfort Dental Care at 973-742-2610 and schedule a consultation. We are always ready to help you restore your confident smile!